PCB Reject Conveyor


The PCB Reject Conveyor is designed for good/bad PCB separation. It can also be used when visual inspection of the PCB is required without interrupting the PCB flow. The PCB is lifted up from the conveyor by metal fingers, enabling the following PCB’s to continue downstream.


  • Controlled by Omron PLC.
  • Easy operation by touch screen.
  • By pass mode selectable.
  • Width adjustment system by hand crank.
  • Tower light display for machine status.
  • SMEMA compliant.
  • CE certified.


Model C100RCM C100RCL
Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
Air Supply 4 – 6 kgf/cm2
Fixed Rail Front
PCB Size 50 – 350mm 50 – 460mm
Transfer Height 900 ±20mm
Transfer Direction left to right or right to left(option)
Machine Dimension 1500x730x1100mm 1000x750x900mm
Machine Weight 85kg 95kg